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Learn Japanese Kanji N5 Workbook



Simply our best workbook for beginners learning Japanese Kanji N5! It is packed with practical, useful information and step-by-step guides to make learning easier and faster:

  • Stroke Order Diagrams and Writing Instructions
  • Kanji Flashcards to cut-out and keep
  • Over 80+ Pages of Japanese Calligraphy Practice
  • Introduction to the Alphabet Systems of Japan
  • Perfect for Beginner, Elementary, and Improving Levels

This Japanese book is suitable for both adults and kids who have learned Hiragana and Katakana and now want to start learning Kanji or those looking to improve their writing skills ready to learn Kanji. It has been designed with self-study exercises and how-to-write style practice pages. We have included a set of Kanji N5 Flash Card pages that you can photocopy or cut out and keep too! Your tutor, George Tanaka, will teach you everything you need to know about the Kanji scripts, with just enough detail to get you started quickly!

Whether living at home or abroad, teaching yourself or simply looking for a gift for a foreign language friend, this book is the best way to start learning Japanese.

Learn Japanese Kanji N5 Workbook: The Easy, Step-b ….
Tanaka, George and Polyscholar

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